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1. Scroll down to the green "Issue Payment as Guest" button in the window at the bottom of the screen.

*Do NOT enter your email or sign up for an account. A VerifyValid Account is NOT necessary to make a payment here. Verify Valid is the same function as sending a check, except online.

2. Fill out the below check, identical to your own check with the exception of the check number. (Do not change the check number posted on the screen!).
3. Fill in Account/Routing #. This is not your customer number. This is your bank account number. The number MUST match yours exactly, i.e: 123456-123, the dash must be included!
4. Place your Full Name in the name field.
5. The amount of the check is entered in a box the check, along with any memo you may wish to write.
6. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ROUTING AND ACCOUNT NUMBERS. If you enter them wrong, or accidentally switched 2 numbers, the check will bounce and there will be an NSF fee.
7. Select Sign and Send Button to process payment.
8. You will be taken to a confirmation page that will give you the option of receiving a receipt.

Complete payment details

Issue eCheck Payment

Void after 90 days
Tuff Turf Molebusters
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